Vicious aka Iron-Masked Marauder

Vicious aka Iron-Masked Marauder

Vicious aka Iron-Masked Marauder is a fictional character from Pokemon 4ever. He was once a Team Rocket member until he left them.

He's a member of the Dark Kingdom.

He made a cameo appearance of watching Ethan and his teammates defeat Shredder.



The Iron-Masked Marauder is skilled at hand-to-hand combat, but does not have the best balance. His primary combat relies on Pokémon that are brainwashed by his Dark Balls (it is not known if his Sneasel and Scizor were victim to this, but his Tyranitar was). The origin and technology behind these Dark Balls is unknown; they may not be Rocket technology because he is the only one seen using them. The only quality known about Dark Balls is that they make the target Pokémon extremely loyal to the user, to the point of forgetting itself and attacking without regard to previous friendships and loyalties.