Sakon and Ukon
Sakon and Ukon

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Sakon enjoyed bad-mouthing the opposition, and, like the rest of the Sound Five, he constantly referred his enemies as "trash". Orochimaru and Kabuto noted Sakon to be the fastest and strongest member of the Sound Four, traits Sakon was very proud of. When in battle, Sakon liked to prolong the fight by toying with the opponent and using unnecessarily powerful techniques. This tendency of Sakon's caused him to slow down the rest of the group whenever he got interested in an opponent. Ukon was able to counteract this flaw by being more impatient and hasty than his brother, forcing Sakon to quickly end his battles. He and Ukon also both had their own perception of morality, like several other Sound Four members. Ukon was described as greatly self-confident, and quick-tempered.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Both Sakon and Ukon had dark grey hair with long bangs that covered each different eye their bangs were on opposite sides (Ukon's being on the left, Sakon's on the right). Each of the twins wore
Sakon and ukon

Sakon and Ukon (Full view)

a green shade of lipstick, and had dark markings around their eyes giving them an androgynous appearance. They wore brown tunics with long black wristbands (which are mistaken for being part of their sleeves), black skin-tight shorts, and purple ropes tied around their waists. Sakon wore a dark-red, beaded necklace around his neck and a giant scroll behind his back. Both of the twins have a cursed seal planted on their foreheads which are covered by their bangs. At most appearances, Ukon is usually shown with a smirk on his face, and his head slightly tilted down. To further help distinguish between the two, Sakon wore beads around his neck and Ukon had a somewhat deeper voice. When reincarnated, the only changes in the twins' appearance were that their sclerae turned grey common in all the other ninja Kabuto brought back.


Sakon and Ukon were noted by Orochimaru to be the strongest and fastest of the entire Sound Four, surpassed only by Kimimaro. Sakon tended to prove this point by unnecessarily using extremely powerful moves to show off. In the anime, their strength was valued enough to be reincarnated by Kabuto Yakushi. Furthermore, Shikamaru stated that the duo's prowess was of jōnin-level.


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