Rito Revolto

Rito Revolto

Rito Revolto is one of the main antagonists from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He is the dimwitted and childish brother of Rita Repulsa and brother-in-law of Lord Zedd. He is often seen working alongside Rita's henchmen, Goldar. He also appeared in a few Power Rangers sequel series. By the event of Power Rangers In Space, he was eradicated alongside the other villains by Zordon's energy wave.

He made a camno appearance long with the few other after watching Ethan defeat the Shredder. His dimwitted attitude got on Hunter J's nerves and as well as mention a "black-haired boy" to get pummeled.

He reappeared in "Dragon Halfa" with Zeltrax, Hunter J and Malachite discussing on the search for the Chaos Emeralds and the Dragonballs, he attempted to steal the sky blue Chaos Emerald, but failed after Ethan tricked him into attacking himself, losing the bet he made and clean the kitchen.


Rito is quite a force to be contended with. He wields a sword made of bone and a flamethrower.