Lita aka Sailor Jupiter

Lita aka Sailor Jupiter is former member scouts called the Sailor Scouts and a Member of Ultimate Defender. She serve as the muscles and manipulate lightning. She also able to become Super Sailor Jupiter thanks to the power acquired from Pegasus/Helios.

Prior to her joining the Defenders, she assisted Serena (aka Sailor Moon) in battling various villains like Queen Beryl, The Black Moon Clan, The Heart Snatchers, The Dead Moon Circus and Sailor Galaxia.

Jupiter is tough and won't back down. She acts as Ethan's surrogate sister. She is very skilled in chores and is very talented in cooking.

Her powers seem to be based on the Roman chief god, Jupiter, the equivalent of the Greek god, Zeus.

Physical appearanceEdit

Lita Kino (6)

Lita Kino in her civilian cloths.


  • Flower Hurricane: Sailor Jupiter created flurries of flower blossoms that she used to blind or agitate her enemy.
  • Supreme Thunder: She sends bolts of electricity that were collected by her tiara.
  • Supreme Thunder Dragon: A more powerful version of Supreme Thunder, which was in the shape of a dragon.
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure: A ball of electricity was thrown from her hands.
  • Jupiter Coconut Cyclone: A blast of energy that Sailor Jupiter fired from her hand as wind swirled around her.
  • Super Supreme Thunder: An even more powerful version of Supreme Thunder.
  • Jupiter Oak Evolution: To perform this attack, Sailor Jupiter spun around and sent leaf-shaped blasts of energy at her target.